Laser Cutting

Full linear drive with beam control and autonomous functions. Equipped with unprecedented ultra-high-speed processing with linear drive and a variety of support functions

Ultra high-speed 3-axis linear drive/Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Full linear drive with beam control and autonomous functions.

Step 1: Planning And Development

New laser system equipped with LBC Technology (Locus Beam Control) which allows to modulate the beam and control the movement of the laser beam, ensuring maximum efficiency based on the type of material and thickness to be processed.

Capable of fully controlling and modulating the laser beam. Diameter and focal point but changes the beam mode according to the material and thickness to be machined.

Step 2: Manufacturing, Assembly And Installation

Fiber laser machine for both flat sheets and tubes

High-Precision Processing of Flat and Shaped Materials, 3kW Fiber Laser Cutting System with Rotary Index.

High-Speed and stable processing Fiber Laser Machine

All-around Fiber Laser Machine. A compact fiber laser machine like never before

Step 3: Inspection And Testing

Full 3-Axis linear drive

Linear drive technology provides very high point-to-point positioning speeds whilst also retaining the ability to provide very high accuracy, even at these increased speeds.

The features intelligent head control which further improves the machine productivity by looking ahead to the next profile to be processed and calculating the most efficient motion.

Step 4: Service And Maintenance


Blue Sky Metal Works’s original Variable Beam Control Technology automatically adapts the laser beam mode incrementally to perfectly match the material and thickness being processed.

The beam mode can also be instantly changed between piercing and cutting to bring the benefit of high speed piercing and increased productivity.